Constable Consulting
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My past

I worked for 10 + years at Google, Facebook, and Square in a variety of roles focused on learning and development, recruiting, and diversity programs. These experiences were incredibly rewarding yet I was often exhausted. I was a workhorse worshipping my never-ending to do list and ignoring my body & brain’s request to slooooooow down. Upon reflection, I found the most fulfilling moments at work were in meaningful, authentic connections with individuals and teams - no triple tasking, no rushing, just being present. I began to coach and train people as they discovered and pursued their unique version of happiness. I realized a new dream career was emerging for me. It sounded something like this - “Leave your well-paid, free food providing, secure job. (What?!?) Do more of what you love on your own terms. Remake your life.”

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My present

An Arizona native living in Silicon Valley, I’m a recovering perfectionist practicing being present and prioritizing the work and people I care about most. Somedays I get off track, but I come back to these intentions and try again. I believe my clients have the answers within them and I’m here to listen, ask thoughtful questions, provide a space to learn, and hold them accountable as they move toward where and who they want to be. While working together in a coaching relationship, you’ll find clarity in your life and learn how to make choices in alignment with your values. In partnership with companies, we’ll design a custom fit for your team’s unique stage and goals. I work with small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

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My miscellaneous

My favorite moments in life are enjoying a strongly caffeinated beverage with a friend, listening to acoustic music, holding an 80’s dance party with my family in the living room, going on a run with a view, becoming overly invested at game nights (I’m an exceptional Catchphrase player), or getting crafty with something on Pinterest.